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Lauren Berry
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States


Guyyysss, I'm going to try and upload whatever warm up doodles I make before I work on commissions every day. If you wanna see what those doodles are, go to my Twitter! --> I think I update more there anyway, hah. Tumblr's gettin' a lil bit shittier every day...
Btw, I have a business Paypal now, so the email is the same; so just ask if you forget what it is.
I have my sights set on a new desktop and monitor. Now it's time to start savin' up muns. :lol: more details later.
Also because there's other family members staying here (long story, details in the journal) and soaking up all the bandwidth, so... that's one reason why I haven't been streaming. :')
I apologize for the lack of updates or art streams. I've been living at my grandmother's house for the last month due to my mother and I getting a new house put on our land. The company hasn't put it down sooner because of all the rain we've been getting. As soon as I get settled into the new house, I'm going to stream as much as I can. I have plans and I need support from Patreon (update details later). Sharing about it would be nice as well, but I gotta update my Patreon stuff too. More details to come in a journal whenever I feel like typing it up.
I know I'm due for an update, shut up.


I need some extra cash. My job is stressing me the hell out and I need a better outlet than video games. Obviously, art is my only other outlet that I know how to do well, so this is when I ask for everyone's help... if possible. It doesn't matter if you can get one or not, just sharing this would be AWESOME. What for, you may ask? I need a new computer. I don't mean a shitty laptop that only lasts two years, I need one that will last me for at least five or more. There is one in mind, but it's on clearance along with a nice monitor and I'm not sure how long it'll BE on clearance. I'm hoping to order it sometime next week, so I'm going to offer some quick commissions. They're sketch/ink commissions, but they're gonna be done when I have the time off work. Unfortunately, with my current situation, I can't stream them (as much as I REALLY miss streaming right now) so I'll try and give updates via journals or somethin' on my front page to show what's being done and what's not started, etc.

--- IF YOU WANT TO READ MY SITUATION, keep reading below. If not, skip to the end when I talk about the commission things. ---

So my current situation is this;

Most of you know that I live with my mother in a double wide trailer. RECENTLY, I've pushed my mom to start investing in a new house. With my 'motivation' and our current house being on its last leg (reminder that this trailer is 30 years old come July), she finally decided to start filing for a new one. Everything is going so smoothly up until this point. Here's my problem; I've had to choose between temporarily living with my mother and her boyfriend (to who I don't like very much on account of some other thing that I won't go into details on) or with my grandmother, who lives by herself since my grandpa's passing a few years ago. I chose my grandma, obviously, and the fact that she was okay with me living there while our old house is being taken off the land and the new one being placed. Btw, yes, we are simply putting a new house on the same land, no huge move to another town or whatever, which is SUPER nice because I really love where I live now. UNFORTUNATELY, after about two weeks, some other family members had to start living there and it's been stressful as fuck ever since. I've been living here for a month now and I want to pull my fucking hair out.

There's a reason; this particular part of the family is my aunt and uncle (aka my mom's brother), their three children adult offspring, and their two dogs are now staying here. Need I remind you that my dog and cat are here with me as well, but their time is mostly spent back in this room I'm staying in because I don't want to stick around them for very long. Social anxiety, yo. It's draining as hell. Their reason? They got kicked out of their house for I dunno what reason, then got kicked out of my aunt's mom's house (ya know that one grandma that's not related to you) for reasons I won't explain now, and NOW they're living here with my grandma (aka my mom's mom) and my GOD they mooch off everything... if I explain more I'll get angry. Part of the reason I'm not streaming more is because of the internet here. It's decent when it's just myself and my grandma, but with this particular family..? It's nothing BUT phones, PS4 playing and streaming movies on Netflix. So guess where that bandwidth is? :lol:

Anyway, because of that, I can't stream art or hell, can't even play games sometimes. Hell, now, I can't play any game because my laptop is starting to overheat and crash on random occasions, so I'ma bit paranoid on doing more than just drawing and playing music.

THE REASON we haven't gotten the new trailer in the past month yet is because of the weather. It's been almost non-stop rain, and it's hard to move a big ass trailer out of the land when the ground is muddy, haha. But yeah, that's why I haven't done a lot lately. Also, I've tried an interview or two for another job that would pay more money and respect, but those were flushed down the drain soooo... that's why I need some extra cash. I'm shooting for $200, but $100 or so would work as well. That's my goal.


My goal is $100-$200 towards a new desktop computer for more art, streaming, gaming, and much more!


$20 INK -->

 Garland Ink by SassCannonDante Ink by SassCannonThomasinkling Ink by SassCannon

$30 FLAT -->

featherauntPERSONAAAA by SassCannonSapphireyay by SassCannonFlowerssss by SassCannon

Update; I'll only do up to TWO characters! Extra character for ink is $5 and flat for $10!!

I've got time for five slots, unless I get more time over the next week then I'll open more.

1. CozyKomala - 0%
2. mayberry12 - 0%

Please note me if you want one!!


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